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To register, simply:

/msg IdleBot REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>

Where 'char name' can be up to 16 chars long, 'password' can be up to 8 characters, and 'char class' can be up to 30 chars.

Logging In

To login, simply:

/msg IdleBot LOGIN <char name> <password>

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.

Logging Out

To logout, simply:

/msg IdleBot LOGOUT

This is a p20 (see Penalties) command.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, simply:

/msg IdleBot NEWPASS <new password>

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the INFO command to find an online admin to help you. If your administrator does not have the INFO command enabled, then just message an op in the channel. They can probably help you.

Removing Your Account

To remove your account, simply:

/msg IdleBot REMOVEME

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command :^)

Changing Your Alignment

To change your alignment, simply:

/msg IdleBot ALIGN <good|neutral|evil>

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.

Your alignment can affect certain aspects of the game. You may align with good, neutral, or evil. 'Good' users have a 10% boost to their item sum for battles, and a 1/12 chance each day that they, along with a 'good' friend, will have the light of their god shine upon them, accelerating them 5-12% toward their next level. 'Evil' users have a 10% detriment to their item sum for battles (ever forsaken in their time of most need...), but have a 1/8 chance each day that they will either a) attempt to steal an item from a 'good' user (whom they cannot help but hate) or b) be forsaken (for 1-5% of their TTL) by their evil god. After all, we all know that crime doesn't pay. Also, 'good' users have only a 1/50 chance of landing a Critical Strike when battling, while 'evil' users (who always fight dirty) have a 1/20 chance. Neutral users haven't had anything changed, and all users start off as neutral.

I haven't run the numbers to see which alignment it is better to follow, so the stats for this feature may change in the future.

Obtaining Bot Info

To see some simple information on the bot, simply:

/msg IdleBot INFO

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.

This command gives info such as to which server the bot is connected and the nicknames of online bot admins.

This command is optional, and may be disabled by your bot admin.


To gain levels, you must only be logged in and idle. The time between levels is based on your character level, and is calculated by the formula:


Where ^ represents the exponentiation operator.

Very high levels are calculated differently as of version 3.0. Levels after level 60 have a next time to level of:

(time to level @ 60) + ((1 day) * (level - 60))

The exponent method code had simply gotten to that point that levels were taking too long to complete.

Checking the Active Quest

To see the active quest, its users, and its time left to completion:

/msg IdleBot QUEST

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.

Checking Your Online Status

To see whether you are logged on, simply:

/msg IdleBot WHOAMI

This is a p0 (see Penalties) command.